1910 STUDEBAKER Model G-7, 4-cyl., 40 hp, 117.5

1910 STUDEBAKER Model G-7, 4-cyl., 40 hp, 117.5" wb

STUDEBAKER-GARFORD — 1907–1911 SERIES — FOURS: Year-by-year styling, finish and technical changes for the 1907–1911 Studebaker-Garford models are not available. The 1907 models were carried over from 1906, but had new alphabetical model designations. The first 40 horsepower Model B (Garford 40) was introduced in 1908. It had a T-head engine with cylinders cast in blocks of two. Bore and stroke was 4-3/4 × 5-1/4 inches giving a total displacement of 372.1 cu. in. A new 114 inch wheelbase was also used. The Model A of the same year was an improved version of the Model G of 1906–1907 with the same 30 hp, 280.6 cu. in. engine and 104 inch wheelbase. A Model H, with the same engine and wheelbase as the Model G, was also available in both 1907 and 1908.


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