1911 Mercer  All

1911 Mercer All

MERCER — Trenton, New Jersey — (1910–1926)/Elkhart, Indiana — (1931) — For many people the Mercer was a hairy, thundering machine with monocle windshield in front, rownd gasoline tank in the rear, and two bucket seats in between. Its coachwork consisted of a hood and fenders usually painted a yellow vivid enough to blind, and if that didn't, the abundance of brass would. This was the Race about, the most famous of Mercers though but one of varied models produced by the company during the two-plus decades of its peripatetic existence. In May of 1909 the Mercer Automobile Company was born in Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey. It evolved from the Walter Automobile Company which had built the Walter and Roebling-Planche cars in the former factory of a brewery into which the new Mercer moved. Behind the Mercer venture were the monied Roebling and Kuser families, who had been involved in the building of ...


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