1928 DODGE Series 2251, Senior 6-cyl., 116

1928 DODGE Series 2251, Senior 6-cyl., 116" wb

SENIOR — SERIES 2251/2252 — SIX: In January 1928, the Senior Six received a few changes and became a “true” 1928 series designated with the number 2251. One change was the addition of Sport models with welled fenders, sidemount spares, wire spoke wheels, larger headlamps with a nickel-plated tie bar and vertical stanchions, cowl lamps, a nickel-plated cowl molding and folding trunk rack. The Sport Sedan was the first to appear. It debuted in January. Sport equipment became available for other body styles later in the year. There was also a change in the engine, which increased its horsepower to 68. When equipped with standard size tires, the Senior Six was designated Series 2251; with oversize tires, Series 2252.


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