1929 FRANKLIN Model 135, 6-cyl., 60 hp, 125

1929 FRANKLIN Model 135, 6-cyl., 60 hp, 125" wb

FRANKLIN — Syracuse, New York — (1902–1934) — Had John Wilkinson been paid for his work at the turn of the century, the Franklin might never have happened — and automobile history would be much the poorer. In addition to being the most long-lived and successful air-cooled automobile in America, the Franklin represents a fascinating and bittersweet saga of the automobile industry. The story began in 1901. By that time John Wilkinson, a recent Cornell engineering graduate, had completed two air-cooled prototype cars for the New York Automobile Company, whose promoters neglected the matter of recompense. Naturally, he was perturbed. Then Wilkinson met Alexander T. Brown, who was a big-time investor in numerous companies in Upstate New York — and who introduced Wilkinson and his car to Herbert H. Franklin, a former newspaper publisher and now a manufacturer of die castings in Syracuse. Franklin took a ...


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