1930 HUDSON Great Eight, 8-cyl., 126

1930 HUDSON Great Eight, 8-cyl., 126" wb

HUDSON — MODEL U — EIGHT: The Model U wheelbase at 126″ was a full 13″ shorter than that of the 1929 Model L. But far more controversial was Hudson's decision to drop its F-head six and replace it with an L-head straight eight. This engine was to be the only eight-cylinder engine ever offered by Hudson and it would remain in production until 1952. Perhaps in anticipation of the controversy this move would cause Hudson to call its 1930 offering the Hudson Great Eight. Although with 80 hp it was less powerful than the old F-head six it was installed in an automobile that was significantly lighter. Thus explained Hudson, “It strikes off the shackles of bulk and useless weight.”


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