1931 AUBURN Model 8-98, 8-cyl., Standard, 127

1931 AUBURN Model 8-98, 8-cyl., Standard, 127" wb

AUBURN — Auburn, Indiana — (1900–1936) — Charles Eckhart was a wheelwright who worked awhile for the wagon-building Studebaker brothers in South Bend, moving to Auburn in 1874 to establish his own Eckhart Carriage Company. He retired in 1893, leaving the business to his sons Frank and Morris. In 1900 the Eckhart brothers built their first single-cylinder, solid-tired, tiller-steered automobile and started the Auburn Automobile Company. The firm was capitalized at $2500. Though the Eckharts affixed an $800 price tag to their efforts, it does not appear they sold many, if any, of them. In-house experimentation continued for two years. Following the Chicago Automobile Show of 1903 the brothers went into manufacture in earnest. The car remained the same chain-drive runabout, but now with pneumatic tires, and tonneau and touring variations. In 1905 a two-cylinder touring followed; in 1909 there was an Auburn four, ...


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