1931 HUDSON Greater Eight, 8-cyl., 119

1931 HUDSON Greater Eight, 8-cyl., 119" wb

HUDSON — SERIES T — EIGHT: The Series T version of the “Hudson Greater Eight” as the 1931 Hudsons were advertised had a 119″ wheel-base. Although styling changes were not extensive they were sufficient to represent another evolutionary step away from the severe angular lines characteristic of the nineteen twenties. The grille insert was now a very fine mesh and a new front headlight tie-rod gave the headlights both a free-standing appearance and a lower position. The fenders were more deeply flanged and at the front swept downward to further enclose the wheels. Also redesigned for 1931 were the Hudson's bumpers, hubcaps, running boards and exterior hardware. At the rear a new rectangular window was used. Also identifying the 1931 Hudson were belt moldings that extended the full length of the hood to the radiator shell and at the rear, were positioned higher than previously.


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