1934 HUDSON Major Series, 8-cyl., 123

1934 HUDSON Major Series, 8-cyl., 123" wb (Special)

HUDSON — STANDARD EIGHT — SERIES LL (123″ wheelbase models) EIGHT: The 1934 Hudsons had all new styling with wide flowing fenders, longer hoods and in sedans and coaches a reverse curve rear section that allowed the spare tire to be stored within the body. Hudson described this new look as “Streamlined in Wind-Sculptured Steel.” For the first time Hudson offered a factory-installed radio and a no-cost option the “Axle-Flex”, semi-independent front suspension. Other improvements included a new dash panel which placed the instruments closer to the driver, an improved interior ventilation system and an improved synchromesh for the 3-speed transmission. An interesting innovation was the use of three-beam headlights. The third beam was intended to serve as a cornering light and was controlled along with the usual high and low beams by a toe switch. Although sales rebounded strongly during 1934 Hu ...


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