1934 PACKARD Model 1108, Twelve, Dietrich, 147

1934 PACKARD Model 1108, Twelve, Dietrich, 147" wb

PACKARD — ELEVENTH SERIES, TWELVE (1106, 1107, 1108) — TWELVE: Three wheelbases carried the Packard Twelve this year. The Model 1106 was a Twelve on the Super Eight's 135-inch wheelbase chassis and offered in two memorable models: the LeBaron Runabout Speedster and the Sport Coupe by Packard. Model 1107 was the 142-inch wheelbase and carried eleven production body styles. Model 1108 was the long 147-inch wheelbase and offered the seven-passenger production sedan and sedan-limousine, as well as a variety of LeBaron and Dietrich custom cars. There were engineering refinements throughout the Twelve model lines. In the interior the instrument panel was redesigned, and radio was a popular new option. Though weighing well over 5000 pounds, these Packard Twelves were fine performing cars, with 0 to 60 in 20.4. seconds.


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