1935 WILLYS Willys 77, 4-cyl., 100

1935 WILLYS Willys 77, 4-cyl., 100" wb, 48 hp

WILLYS-KNIGHT — Toledo, Ohio — (1914–1933)/WILLYS — (1916–1918, 1930–1942 et. seq.) — Although John North Willys had been guiding the fortunes of the Overland company since 1907 (it was renamed Willys-Overland in 1909), it was not until 1914 that a car carried his name. Joining the Overland that year was the Willys-Knight, the sleeve-valve-engined car which was to endure longer than any other, with Willys-Overland ultimately producing more Knight-engined cars than virtually all other manufacturers in the world combined. Super salesman that he had been since his sporting goods store days in Elmira, New York at the turn of the century, Willys doubtlessly was drawn to the Knight engine because of its novelty and the promotional advantages it promised, rather than any engineering features in its favor. John North Willys didn't know a great deal about what made cars go, but he assuredly knew ...


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