1937 CHRYSLER Airstream Series C-7, 6-cyl., 118

1937 CHRYSLER Airstream Series C-7, 6-cyl., 118" wb

CHRYSLER AIRSTREAM — SERIES C-7 — SIX: Changes to Chryslers 1936 Airstream models were minor ones. The new die-cast grille was oval shaped when viewed head on. It consisted of multiple vertical blades which swept over the nose of the car in waterfall style. The center vertical molding was thicker. A molding on the sides of the hood continued, horizontally, across the nose. Horizontal, dart-shaped hood louvers were used. The headlights were again torpedo-shaped and torpedo-shaped parking lamps were mounted on the front-fender catwalks. Open cars had flat one-piece windshields. Closed cars had split two-piece windshields. Standard equipment included Autolite ignition, Lockheed hydraulic brakes, dual sun visors, wipers and taillights, no draft ventilation and safety glass all around. The convertible sedan made its return this season.


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