1937 CORD Model 812, 8-cyl., 125

1937 CORD Model 812, 8-cyl., 125" wb

CORD L-29 — Auburn & Connersville, Indiana — (1929–1932)/CORD 810–812 — (1936–1937) — There were two front-wheel-drive American motorcars announced in 1929, and they were produced by two of the most dynamic and colorful entrepreneurs in the American automobile industry at the time. Errett Lobban Cord managed to get his L-29 into the marketplace faster than Archie Andrews did his Ruxton, and initially this worked to Cord's advantage. The rationale for the car was certainly a viable one: Cord needed something to fill the price gap in his Cord Corporation between the popularly priced Auburn and the grand Model J Due-senberg he had just introduced — and, although the front-wheel-drive idea had languished in America since Walter Christie failed commercially before the First World War, it was now enjoying public attention because of its successful application in several race cars fo ...


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