1938 HUDSON Utility Series 89, 6-cyl., 112

1938 HUDSON Utility Series 89, 6-cyl., 112" wb

HUDSON 112 — SERIES 89 — SIX: The Hudson 112 was introduced in Jan 1938, Standard and DeLuxe models were available on a 112 inch wheelbase. The more expensive DeLuxe version had a walnut grain finish on the dash and window moldings, in place of the painted finishes found on the Standard models. In addition stainless steel trim was used for the DeLuxe interior. A more attractive upholstery with a pleated surface was also used. Both versions were powered by a 175cid 6 cylinder engine. At Bonneville the Hudson 112, which was also the pace car for the Indianapolis 500, set numerous Class D records including 80.50 mph for one hour and a 12-day, 20,327 mile run at 70.58 mph.


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