1938 PACKARD Model 1601, 8-cyl., 127

1938 PACKARD Model 1601, 8-cyl., 127" wb

PACKARD — SIXTEENTH SERIES, EIGHT (1601, 1601D, 1602) — EIGHT: The One Twenty became the Eight this year. Like the Six, its wheelbase was increased seven inches (to 127, the same length as the shortest Senior Packard) for the 1601 cars, with a 148-inch chassis arriving for Model 1602. Compression ratio was changed to 6.6, with a 7.05 aluminum option available. Only the four-door touring sedan was available as a DeLuxe model, though any of the body styles could be “deluxed” via the extensive accessory catalogue. Though the station wagon was dropped, the Eight did not lose as many body styles as the Six — and among the new ones were three elegant custom creations from Rollston. These were $5000-range cars, the most expensive Junior Packards ever. The long-wheelbase Model 1602 limousine and sedan remained in the $2000 range. Cars in the 1601 line could be purchased for $1225 to $1650.


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