1939 CHRYSLER New Yorker, 8-cyl., 125

1939 CHRYSLER New Yorker, 8-cyl., 125" wb

IMPERIAL/NEW YORKER/SARATOGA — SERIES C-23 — EIGHT: Imperials. New Yorkers and Saratogas were all built on the same chassis and shared the same powerplants. These cars were styled similarly to other Chryslers but had fewer horizontal and vertical grille bars on the two new sub-series. There were three horizontal bars on either side of the nose and only 11 bars in the lower “waterfall” grille on New Yorkers and Saratogas. Imperials had five horizontal bars (like Royals) but had 23 bars in their wider waterfall lower grilles. Each series also had small chrome signatures bearing the model name incorporated into the decorative trim on the front of the hoodsides. New Yorkers were the “luxury” line and had two-tone upholstery and rich appointments. Saratogas were “sports luxury” cars with their leather and Bedford cord upholstery selections. Both lines included a special Victoria coupe built ...


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