1940 CHRYSLER Royal, 6-cyl., 122.5

1940 CHRYSLER Royal, 6-cyl., 122.5" wb

CHRYSLER — SERIES 25 — SIX: The Chrysler Six came in five sub-series this year; Royal; long wheelbase Royal; Windsor; long wheelbase Windsor and Windsor Highlander. All were basically similar in appearance. New styling features included more massive fenders with recessed headlamps, sealed beam headlights, longer wheelbases, wider front and rear seats, longer hoods and “Airfoam” seat cushions. Horizontal grille bars extended across the lower half of the radiator and fender aprons. The model name appeared spelled out on each side of the hood at the forward end. Highlanders had authentic Scotch plaid and moleskin leather upholstery. Convertibles were re-introduced and two-tone paint jobs were made available again. Standard equipment included Solar Spark ignition, hydraulic brakes, dual sun visors, dual taillights and dual windshield wipers. Buyers had the option of ordering their cars with conventional running b ...


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