1941 CHRYSLER Royal, 6-cyl., 121.5

1941 CHRYSLER Royal, 6-cyl., 121.5" wb

CHRYSLER — SERIES 28 — SIX: The 1941 Chrysler Six came in the same five sub-series. Styling was basically the same as in 1940, except the bodies were slightly wider and lower and had increased glass area in the front and rear. The number of horizontal grille bars was reduced from nine to six, with wider spaces between them. The Chrysler script nameplate appeared directly on the nose and trim louvers were not used on the hood sides. Decorations on the trunk were redesigned as were the bumper guards, which had three horizontal ribs. All models came with or without runningboards. Fluid Drive was standard and a new “Vacamatic” semiautomatic transmission was available at extra-cost. Innovations included a new “Spitfire” engine, Automatic Safety control gearshift, inside hood lock and a steering wheel with no spokes in the upper half. An important new model was the Windsor Six Town & Country Wagon, ...


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