1942 HUDSON Super Series 21, 6-cyl., 121

1942 HUDSON Super Series 21, 6-cyl., 121" wb

HUDSON — ALL SERIES OVERVIEW: The last of the pre-war Hudsons received a fairly substantial face lift. The lower body section now flared out to conceal the remnants of the running board and pointing the way to the full width grille arrangements common to most postwar American cars were the chrome strips running full width of the body and extending around the first few inches of the front fender. Also given greater width was the Hudson's grille. To accommodate these changes new front and rear fenders were used. Overall height was reduced by 1.5 inches due to altered rear spring and frame design. The Hudson's profile also carried new trim consisting of a single long bright strip with shorter stripes at either extremity. However, Dec. 31, 1941 was the end of chrome plating trim for U.S. cars with the only external components exempt being bumpers. After that date Hudson's trim consisted of metal pressings covered wi ...


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