1946 HUDSON Super Series, 6-cyl., 121

1946 HUDSON Super Series, 6-cyl., 121" wb

HUDSON SUPER — SERIES 51 SIX — SERIES 53 EIGHT — Hudson's big 1946 change was a new grille in the old postwar body. It now had a massive upper bar housing a Hudson badge. There were wide indentations at the center of each of the horizontal blades. The nose was smooth and no longer had a molding between the mascot and the grille, though a strip of chrome did run from the windshield base to the mascot. Nameplates alongside the rear of the hood revealed the model identity. The standard list was long, including dual brake system; dual carburetion; Auto Poise control; chrome alloy engine block; oil-cushioned clutch; center point steering; rear lateral stabilizer; teleflash signals; push-button starting; safety locking hood; hand-rubbed lacquer finish; Duo-Flo oiling; high-compression engine; large trunk; and Long Life spark plugs. The basic equipment assortment for all models comprised left-hand front door armrests ...


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