1949 CHRYSLER Royal - Second Series, 6-cyl., 125.5

1949 CHRYSLER Royal - Second Series, 6-cyl., 125.5" wb

ROYAL SERIES — (6-CYL) — The first postwar all-new styling change welcomed Chrysler's 25th Anniversary model to the motoring public. The well-known eggcrate grille was simplified. Chair-high seats were a strong selling point and bodies appeared taller and boxier than previous models. Front and rear overhangs were shortened. Coupled with the bustle back rear styling, this gave the car a stubby look similar to the same year DeSoto, which shared the same body. A station wagon, the first for Chrysler since 1942, appeared in this series. It was given a look reminiscent of the wood-bodied Town & Country. The spare tire was mounted on the tailgate this year only. Wheelbase was stretched four inches, with all the increase due to moving the rear axle housing further aft. Price increases continued into the 1949 model year as a result of labor settlements of 1948.


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