1951 CHRYSLER Saratoga, V-8, 125.5

1951 CHRYSLER Saratoga, V-8, 125.5" wb

SARATOGA SERIES — (8-CYL) — The big news for 1951 was the introduction of the new Hemi engine. Combining a Windsor series chassis with the new V-8 engine resulted in an upgraded Saratoga. Its wheelbase was a full six inches shorter than the Hemi-engined New Yorker, while weight was about 250 pounds less than for the longer series. The Saratoga was a late addition to the line and was introduced to the public more than three months after other 1951 Chryslers. Saratoga nameplates were located on the front fenders and a new 'V ornament graced the hood and deck lid. Presto-matic semi-automatic transmission was standard equipment. A Town & Country station wagon was a part of this series and was the first of this nameplate with a V-8 engine.


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