1952 HUDSON Commodore Series 8B, 8-cyl., 124

1952 HUDSON Commodore Series 8B, 8-cyl., 124" wb

COMMODORE — EIGHT — SERIES 8B — The Commodore Eight had the following differences from the Commodore Six: nylon three-dimensional weave upholstery in tan-brown with gold stripes or blue-gray with blue stripes; foam rubber seat cushions; front and rear carpets; cord type, Dura-Fab covered robe hangers in all models; instrument lighting dimmer switch; Deluxe steering wheel; electric clock; crank-type front ventipanes; printed jute trunk mat and inline eight-cylinder engine. The front fender ‘spear tips’ on sixes were decorated with a number ‘6’; on eights with a number ‘8’. Front parking lenses for all Commodores were of the wraparound style seen on Wasps, but not on Pacemakers.


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