1953 HUDSON Jet Series 1C, 6-cyl., 105

1953 HUDSON Jet Series 1C, 6-cyl., 105" wb

SERIES 1C JET — SERIES 2C SUPER JET — SIX — A downsized Hudson flew on the scene in 1953, It was called the Jet. Marked by slab-sided styling with conventional notch back lines, the Jet looked different from other Hudsons. A fake air scoop decorated the front of the hood. The grille had a flat oval appearance with a chrome molding highlighting the upper opening. Super Jet script appeared on the fenders of the more highly trimmed line, which also had an air scoop ornament. Fender skirts were optional on both lines. Standard ‘custom car’ equipment on the base model included Teleflash ‘idiot lights’; water temperature and gasoline gauges; Twin-Contour vacuum wipers; defroster vents; rotary door latches; theft-proof locks; push-button door handles; lock buttons; dash ashtray; wing-type front ventipanes; twin stop and taillamps; front parking lamps; manual dome light; lockable parcel compartment; ...


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