1954 HUDSON Super Wasp Series 5D, 6-cyl., 119

1954 HUDSON Super Wasp Series 5D, 6-cyl., 119" wb

WASP SERIES 4D — SUPER WASP SERIES 5D — SIX — New styling, resembling that of the Jets, was applied to regular Hudsons this year. The grille had a heavy, bowed molding tracing the upper radiator opening. There was a full-width, flat horizontal loop surrounding the wedge-shaped parking lights at each end. The main bar (top of the loop) was ribbed towards the middle and held a triangular Hudson medallion in a finned housing at its center. Behind this bar was an angled plate with four additional, wide-spaced ribs. Block letters spelled out Hudson below the scoop on the nose of the hood. Wasp or Super Wasp signature script was placed on the front fender tips above a full-length horizontal rub molding. Two-door hardtops had Hollywood script at the upper rear edge of front fenders. A panoramic one-piece windshield and protruding tip taillamps were new. Bright metal gravel shields with windsplit vents decorated the rear f ...


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