1955 HUDSON Super Wasp, 6-cyl., 114

1955 HUDSON Super Wasp, 6-cyl., 114" wb

WASP SUPER AND CUSTOM — SERIES 40 — SIX — The post-AMC merger Hudsons were introduced at the Chicago Auto Show, Feb. 23, 1955. Styling and engineering, though based on the Nash unit body and platform, were planned to give Hudsons a distinct character. For example, the former Jet engine was under the hood and the Hudson dual braking system was retained. Gone, however, was the traditional Hudson ‘crab tread’ stance. The Wasp front tread was three-sixteenths inch less than its rear tread. As far as the sheet metal went, the only panel interchangeable between Nashes and Hudsons was the rear deck lid. Overall styling was pleasant. A massive eggcrate grille filled the area below and between the single headlamps, with an inverted steer horn-shaped bar bordering the top. This upper border bar had a Hudson badge set into a housing at its center. Hudson block letters decorated the hood, which no longer had a simu ...


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