1956 HUDSON Super Wasp, 6-cyl., 114

1956 HUDSON Super Wasp, 6-cyl., 114" wb

HUDSON WASP — SERIES 40 — SIX — A completely new V-shaped grille with a Hudson medallion set into another V-shaped dip in the center was a new styling trademark for 1956. Other changes included new hood ornaments and new rectangular front parking lamps set into wedge-shaped chrome moldings that accented the V-shape of the grille. There were air scoop fendertop ornaments and new bodyside rub rail moldings, which also had a V-shaped dip on the rear doors or fenders. In addition, the taillights were redesigned. The Wasp models could be identified by their Wasp nameplates inside the V-shaped dip in the rub rail molding. They could also be spotted by the chrome-enclosed panel on the rear fendersides, which was finished in lower body color. Popular features included Deep Coil ride; Triple-Safe hydraulic brakes (with a reserve mechanical system); positive action handbrake; Double-Safe single unit construction; tubeless ti ...


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