1956 STUDEBAKER Champion, 6-cyl., 116.5

1956 STUDEBAKER Champion, 6-cyl., 116.5" wb

CHAMPION AND FLIGHT HAWK — SERIES 56G — The front and rear sections of all Studebaker sedans were greatly restyled in 1956. The station wagons, which had front ends like the sedans, were fitted with small fiberglass fins on the rear quarter panels. The coupes and hardtops were named Hawks and featured a square-shaped grille and flat-backed deck lid. Custom sedan models, which included the two-door sedanet, had horizontal side trim along the front two-thirds of the car. Regular sedans had full-length side trim. The rare Regal model, which was built mainly for sale outside the United States, had dual full-length side moldings. A new “Cyclops Eye” speedometer was introduced on sedans and station wagons. All models were switched from six-volt to 12-volt electrical systems.


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