1958 PLYMOUTH Belvedere, V-8, 118

1958 PLYMOUTH Belvedere, V-8, 118" wb

BELVEDERE/SPORT SUBURBAN/FURY — (6-CYL/V-8) — SERIES LP1/LP2-H — Belvedere represented the top full-line Plymouth series. The Sport Suburban was the comparable station wagon. The Fun/ was a Belvedere sub-series containing only the special high-performance sport coupe. Nameplates on the rear fender identified each particular car. The standard type of Belvedere side trim was a single, full-length horizontal molding of slightly distinctive design. Running with a slight downward slant, it moved from headlamp level towards the back fender. About a foot ahead of the taillights, the molding angled up towards the top of the fin. When optional ‘Sport Tone’ finish was added, a lower molding was added. It ran from above the back bumper and tapered towards the upper molding at the front fender tip. The area inside the moldings was then finished with contrasting colors, usually matching the roof. Belvederes and Spor ...


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