1961 CHRYSLER 300 Letter Series

1961 CHRYSLER 300 Letter Series "G", V-8

300G SERIES — (8-CYL) — The 300G was still considered a part of the high-performance market by those who appreciated brute horsepower in a luxury automobile. Its styling mirrored the minor styling changes found in the other 1961 Chryslers. The grille insert was 300 through-and-through and the lower rear quarter panel molding and red-white-blue medallion remained for the fifth continuous model year. Ram manifolding (long-type) continued as standard fare. A few cars were built with three-speed standard shift. Some cars were built with a special “short-ram” high-output engine. These short rams look virtually identical to long rams on the outside, as the shortening was done to the effective length of the inside of the tubes.


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