1961 OLDSMOBILE Starfire, V-8, 123

1961 OLDSMOBILE Starfire, V-8, 123" wb

STARFIRE — Oldsmobile bolstered its top line coverage of the market with an offering in the personal luxury category-the Starfire. This model was late coming to the Olds lineup. It was not available until Jan. 1, 1961. It came as a convertible, sharing its wheelbase with the Eighty-Eight, and was powered by a slightly more potent Rocket V-8. Standard equipment included all items from the Super Eighty-Eight plus brushed aluminum side panels, bucket seats, console, tachometer, power seats and a special dual exhaust system. Upholstery was leather. Standard tire size was 8.50 × 14 inches. Starfires were built only in Lansing.


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