1963 PONTIAC Catalina, V-8, 119

1963 PONTIAC Catalina, V-8, 119" wb

CATALINA — (V-8) — SERIES 23 — Styling and luxury were emphasized by Pontiac in 1963 and GM banned factory competition efforts. Styling was totally new with clean, square lines, angled roofs, upward curving taillamps, recessed split grilles and non-panoramic windshields. Catalinas wore small hubcaps, plain full-length body moldings and Catalina front fender scripts. Turn signals, oil filters, cigarette lighter, sun visors, heater and defroster, electric wipers and five tubeless tires were standard equipment. Safaris had oversize 8.50 × 14 tires and the nine-passenger job had a power tailgate window.


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