1964 OLDSMOBILE F-85 Series, V-8, 115

1964 OLDSMOBILE F-85 Series, V-8, 115" wb

F-85 — The F-85 Cutlass was completely redesigned and gained 11 inches in length. It was transformed from a compact into an intermediate. The wheelbase was increased three inches. Gone was the aluminum block 215-cid V-8. In its place was a V-6 or cast-iron V-8 Rocket engine. This was also the first season for the midyear 4-4-2 option package. This $136 option package carried the RPO code B09. The name (in 1964) translated as 4=four-barrel; 4=four-speed; and 2=dual exhaust. Other 4-4-2 equipment included a heavy-duty suspension, dual-snorkel air cleaner, oversized redline tires and special 4-4-2 badges. F-85s could be ordered in either standard or Deluxe trim. Standard equipment included: heater/defroster, self-adjusting brakes, oil filter, front stabilizer and dual sun visors. Deluxe and Cutlass equipment added Deluxe steering wheel, padded dash and carpets. Interiors were vinyl or cloth. Standard tire size was 6.50 × 14 ...


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