1964 OLDSMOBILE Vista Cruiser, V-8, 120

1964 OLDSMOBILE Vista Cruiser, V-8, 120" wb

VISTA CRUISER — Most Oldsmobile enthusiasts tend to think of the Vista Cruiser as an F-85 model, but it was a larger vehicle with a five inch longer wheelbase. This was the first year for the stylish station wagon and it was a late introduction. The Vista Cruiser had an elevated roof over the cargo area. The roof windows in the elevated section resembled the 1954 GM/Greyhound Scenicruiser. Standard equipment included coil springs, three-speed manual transmission, self-adjusting air scoop brakes and aluminized exhaust system. Either cloth or vinyl upholstery was offered. Standard tire size was 7.50 × 14 inches. Vista Cruisers were built in Lansing, Atlanta, Kansas City, Linden, Southgate and Arlington.


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