1964 PONTIAC Catalina, V-8, 120

1964 PONTIAC Catalina, V-8, 120" wb

CATALINA — (V-8)  — SERIES 23 — Full-size Pontiacs were face-lifted for 1964. They looked shorter, but were about an inch longer overall. Trim identification features seen on Catalinas included three-quarter length side moldings running from the front wheel opening back, Catalina front fender scripts and series medallions on the rear fender. Standard equipment was about the same as a year earlier. Full wheel discs and rocker moldings were options seen on many Catalinas. The Catalina 2 + 2 option package was available on style numbers 2347 and 2367 at approximately $291. The Ventura trim package was available as an interior decor option for Catalina style numbers 2339, 2347 and 2367 at approximately $118.


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