1968 OLDSMOBILE F-85, V-8, 116

1968 OLDSMOBILE F-85, V-8, 116" wb, 2d 112" wb

F-85 — The growth in the F-85 series was in the fancier intermediate lines such as the Cutlass, Cutlass Supreme and 4-4-2. This year, however, a two-model base F-85 series remained. Power came from either a Chevy inline six-cylinder or an Olds Rocket V-8. Standard equipment was sparse and included: dual master brake cylinder, four-way flashers, padded dash, back-up lights, chrome hubcaps and seat belts. Interiors were cloth or vinyl. Standard tire size was 7.75 × 14 inches. Production of the F-85 and other Oldsmobile intermediates was quartered at the Lansing, Fremont, Linden, Framingham and Oshawa (Canada) assembly plants.


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