1968 PLYMOUTH Road Runner, V-8, 116

1968 PLYMOUTH Road Runner, V-8, 116" wb

PLYMOUTH INTERMEDIATES — (6-CYL/V-8) — SERIES DR — The Plymouth/Belvedere intermediate lines were restyled this season. The model lineup was rearranged and expanded, too. The economy station wagon was deleted. A new medium-priced high-performance entry was the Road Runner. It came between Belvedere and Satellite, in terms of price and features, except that its base engine was a 383-cid four-barrel V-8. The Belvedere I designation was no longer used for low-priced cars, since the Belvedere II and Belvedere III name-plates disappeared entirely. The Satellite was the high-priced line and a Sport Satellite series was one rung higher. Then came the Satellite Sport Suburban series. Top offerings bore GTX identification and were considered “special” level cars. General styling changes centered around a sleek new body for all intermediate models. The square look was gone. These cars had smooth-flowing lines tha ...


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