1969 OLDSMOBILE 4-4-2, V-8, 112

1969 OLDSMOBILE 4-4-2, V-8, 112" wb

4-4-2 — Available in its second year as a series, three basic models were available. A 4-4-2 buyer could order more performance from a special “W-30″ package. It was based on a special “Force-Air” inducted 360-hp version of the 400-cid V-8. A well-tuned, factory blueprinted 4-4-2 with the 400-cid V-8 was one of the fastest stock showroom domestic cars available to the public in 1969. Stock 4-4-2 equipment included all Cutlass items plus special grille, special stripes and emblems, bucket seats, heavy-duty driveshaft, special handling package, heavy-duty wheels and straight-through exhaust system. Interiors were vinyl or cloth. Tire size was F70-14.


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