About Old Cars Report

Old Cars Report features complete content from the following popular publications:
Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942  (1616 pages)
Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975 (976 pages)
Standard Catalog of American Cars 1977-1999 (976 pages)
Standard Catalog of Ford 1903-2003  (642 pages)
Standard Catalog of Chevrolet 1912-1998  (480 pages)
Standard Catalog of Buick 1903-2004 (304 pages)
Standard Catalog of Oldsmobile 1897-1997 (272 pages)
Collector Car Price Guide (787 pages)

Old Cars Price Guide
Old Cars Weekly

In addition to historical and current pricing from the respected Old Cars Price Guide staff and historical auction prices, there are hundreds of thousands of informational nuggets, facts, data and photos related to American vehicles.

Information on each vehicle make and model is gathered into an easy-to-read report.  With three convenient price points, YOU DECIDE which is the best fit for your needs.  

Individual Old Cars Report - $4.99
Monthly Subscription to Old Cars Report Database - $18.99
Annual Subscription to Old Cars Report Database - $199   Savings of nearly 20%!

There's even a "My Garage" option for monthly and annual subscribers that allows you to store previously generated reports so that they will be easily accessible for future use.

This library of classic car information is unmatched, and will continue to be upgraded and expanded in the coming months.  Please check back regularly to check out what's new.  Better yet, register now to receive our free email newsletter with regular updates.

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